Why invest in Kemira?

Reasons to invest

Strong profitability improvement track record

Focus on profitable sustainable growth. Operative EBITDA margin improved to 17.9% and operative EBIT to 9.8% in 2020.


Attractive dividend

Updated dividend policy: competitive and over-time increasing dividend. The dividend increased to EUR 0.58 (0.56) and be paid in two installments of EUR 0.29 in April and November.

Sustainability at the core of strategy

Kemira will become the leading provider of sustainable chemical solutions for water-intensive industries.

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Strong profitability improvement track record

Attractive dividend

Sustainability at the core of strategy


Safe production and use of our products throughout their lifecycle, strong safety culture


Strong company culture, diversity and commitment to people

We help ensure safe clean water for people and nature
Solutions to provide safe clean water with water-related risks managed effectively

– We are making the circular bioeconomy a reality
Improve customer resource efficiency; increase biobased and recycled raw material use

– Kemira will help build a carbon neutral society
Ambition to be carbon neutral by 2045, and -30% CO2 emissions by 2030 (Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions)

Strong market positions

Kemira has strong market positions in its chosen segments, Pulp & Paper and Industry & Water.

Brown cardboard food packages.


End-markets: pulp, packaging, tissue, printing and writing papers

Kemira’s market position: #2, estimated market share ~16%

Kemira’s competitive advantage:
• Chemical expertise
• Long-customer relationships
• Broad offering for all Pulp & Paper applications
• Large operator offering delivery reliability

A person holding a glass under pouring tap water.


End-markets: municipal water treatment, industrial water treatment, oil & gas applications (shale, chemical enhanced oil recovery, oil sands tailings), mining

Kemira’s market position:
• Water treatment: Kemira’s market share ~30% in coagulants and 20% in polymers
• Oil & Gas: Kemira’s market share 25% in shale polymers

Kemira’s competitive advantage:
• Strong market share in water treatment in chosen geographic areas
• Large operator offering delivery reliability
• Tailor-made solutions in Oil & Gas applications