It's time to pay attention to the unseen

What's cooking in food packaging?

Chemistry enables safe and functional fiber-based packaging – and plays a key role in increasing sustainability and reducing food waste. But the features that make a food package more sustainable, more durable or smarter are almost always invisible.

See the invisible


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Success storyWaterWater

Saving time and money – and helping crops grow

Wichita’s Lower Arkansas Water Reclamation Facility (LAWRF) is the largest wastewater plant in the state of Kansas, treating the wastewater of the surrounding population and using the resultant dewatered sludge to help the local crops to grow. When a problem with struvite scale build-up was causing low throughput and increased downtime, the company turned to Kemira to identify the cause of the issue and see where performance improvements could be made.

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Saving time and money – and helping crops grow

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