KemSweep polymers.
Kemira KemSweep™

Polymers for enhanced oil recovery

As one of the leaders in polyacrylamide polymer manufacturing in the world, we understand how critical the choice of chemicals is to the overall success of EOR operations. As part of Kemira MaxXtract cEOR solutions, we offer KemSweep polymers for polymer flooding.

Tailored polymers for a wide range of field conditions

To ensure optimal injectivity and sweep efficiency, we focus on four key field conditions:

  • reservoir temperature
  • divalent ion concentration
  • salinity of injection and formation fluids, and
  • reservoir permeability.

Salinity and divalent ion concentration of injection and formation fluids along with reservoir temperatures affect the viscosity and stability of the solution. Harsher conditions typically require sulphonated polymers. Molecular weight selection is driven by reservoir permeability range.

Product Molecular weight Sulphonation Temperature Salinity
KemSweep A-5257 Low None Low – high * Low
KemSweep A-5271 Medium None Low – high * Low
KemSweep A-5265 High None Low – high * Low
KemSweep A-5365 Very high None Low – high * Low
KemSweep A-6000 Ultra high None Low – high * Low
KemSweep A-5300 series Low – high Low – medium Low High
KemSweep A-5900 series Low – high Low – high High High
KemSweep A-5291 Medium Very high High High

* Suitable for high-temperature reservoirs in the absence of divalent ions.

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