EcoFill strength enhancement concept

Superior high filler technology

Kemira EcoFill™ is a complete and unique strength enhancement concept. EcoFill enables superior performance for significant fiber and energy savings without compromising production efficiency. Using EcoFill together with Kemira KemForm™ retention technology will maximize the results.

EcoFill™ is a ready-to-use two-component system combining Engineered Cellulosic Additive (ECA) and Charge Control Additive (CCA) to treat the filler slurry, significantly enhancing strength and making it possible to substantially increase your filler level. Filler is cost-efficient and requires less energy in the production process and therefore, EcoFill allows to significantly reduce costs and improve sustainability without compromising production efficiency. It also ensures uniform paper quality and excellent machine runnability.

Kemira EcoFill™ Brite for filler treatment

Kemira EcoFill Brite concept has been developed for filler treatment and is applied for fine and graphic papers. EcoFill Brite enhances strength by treating the filler slurry and enables increasing filler content by up to 10 percentage points. The results can be maximized by using EcoFill Brite together with Kemira KemForm™ retention technology.

Kemira EcoFill™ Lite for fiber treatment

Kemira EcoFill Lite concept is specifically designed for fiber treatment on packaging and board. It is applied where little or no filler is used to enhance strength and to improve end product quality or reduce fiber costs. By treating stock EcoFill Lite enhances sheet strength by 15-25 percentage points. In addition, the concept enables excellent drainage and chemical savings.

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