FennoBond gives board makers the cost advantages of either going to a lower grammage, while retaining strength specs, or using a higher percentage of lower-quality recycled paper for cost savings on fiber.

For graphical papermakers FennoBond offers the opportunity to increase filler loading while maintaining runnability and printability. FennoBond is also used in tissue and towel manufacturing to achieve an optimal wet/dry balance. The extra strength from FennoBond can also be utilized to reduce refining, resulting in improved softness and less dust.

The FennoBond products are typically applied in the wet end or by sheet spray application. FennoBond can be used with virgin, recycled or mixed fibers for production of various grades, including paperboard, fine paper and tissue.

Kemira’s expertise in wet end management is vital for successful application of FennoBond. Furthermore, Kemira’s experts can help customers develop comprehensive solutions to achieve desired benefits and extract maximum profit from their operation. FennoBond technology is available globally.

Strength types improved by FennoBond:

  • Tensile
  • Burst
  • Compression (SCT, RCT, CMT, CCT)
  • Stiffness
  • Internal (Scott bond)
  • Surface (lint/dust reduction)

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