The competitive pressure in the tissue  and paper industry continues to escalate. Lower cost furnish and use of fillers as a substitute for more expensive virgin fibers, tend to lower the sheet bulk-to-basis weight. Manufacturers have focused on increasing the bulk-to-basis weight ratio either by increasing caliper at a constant basis weight or by maintaining caliper and thereby reducing the basis weight.
Increasing sheet void volume allows for minimizing the fiber cost. Depending on how the paper is sold (by weight or volume), the manufacturer and/or the manufacturer’s customer is the beneficiary of the fiber saving.
The refining process which is designed to increase the sheet dry strength, can also have an adverse effect on the sheet bulk properties. Other process conditions that can negatively impact bulk is felt pressing for enhanced sheet drainage and calendaring which is designed for sheet smoothness and minimizing sheet picking.
Kemira’s  FennoBulk technology  can significantly enhance the sheet bulk-to-basis weight properties.

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