Solutions for sustainability for paper and board makers

Are you looking for ways to enhance the sustainability of your production? We have collected a set of resources to provide paper and board producers with insight and support on their way toward more sustainable production, lower environmental footprint, and fully biobased products. Chemistry is the invisible enabler for safe and functional fiber-based packaging materials suitable for the circular economy. Our chemical solutions reduce energy, water, and fiber consumption in paper and board making. They help ensure recyclable end-products and enable circularity. They also provide alternatives for fossil-based raw materials.

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Increasing the share of renewable raw materials in paper and board production is an important goal for suppliers along the entire fiber-based packaging value chain, as industry moves toward fully fossil-free, biobased products.

Our recent innovation in internal sizing replaces fossil-based sizing chemistries with a solution that is made from renewable sunflower oil. It provides efficient hydrophobation for paper and board while helping to lower the packaging material’s environmental footprint.


The efficient use of recycled fibers in paper and board production comes with unique challenges. It takes efficient chemical solutions to make the most out of the circular raw material.

New biobased dry strength chemicals overcome the many unique challenges that are related to the use of recycled fibers. They improve the strength performance in recycled board and enable raw material and energy efficiency while ensuring both productivity and functionality.


Replacing problematic extrusion polymers and fluorochemicals in packaging materials with renewable, recyclable, and safe alternatives is high on the fiber-based value chain agenda.

New barrier chemistry creates needed protection against grease, oil, liquid, and other substances in fiber-based materials and helps reduce plastic used e.g. in food service board and wrapping papers. It enables recyclable packaging as well as repulpability at the mill.


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We enable efficient and sustainable operations for our customers with our solutions, helping them to use less raw materials or reduce the water and energy consumption.

Peter Jelinek
Subject Matter Expert, Paper and Tissue Excellence

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Internal sizing

The most comprehensive portfolio of internal sizing agents allows for an optimal sizing performance in all process conditions and with both virgin and recycled pulps.

Dry strength

Kemira offers a broad portfolio of dry strength additives that help you optimize the strength properties in your end-products cost-efficiently.

Barrier coatings

Dispersion barrier coatings that create excellent oil and grease barrier for food service paper and board.

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