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Kemira KemConnect™

With chemistry and application expertise, real-time measuring and monitoring capabilities, and predictive analytics, we enable a smart, data-driven way to manage, control, and optimize the papermaking process. You get insight needed for improved runnability, increased quality, and cost control.

Predictive services for runnability and quality

Wet end chemistry impacts the paper and board production process in multiple and complex ways. Kemira Predictive Wet End is a cloud-based service that utilizes machine learning and predictive analytics to help you discover disturbances that cause runnability or end-product quality problems on paper and board machines.

Deep understanding of the chemical health of the process and visibility into the real-time process data makes it possible to predict and prevent problems before they occur.

Preventing only 1.5 breaks or 2 out-of-spec jumbo rolls of board a week results in 2.5 million € revenue increase.

(0,5% increase in overall equipment efficiency OEE at a mill producing 400,000 t/year).

Key benefits

Gain insight

Identify indicators and root causes for process instabilities, their frequency, and impact.

Risk forecast

Predict process conditions up to 5 hours ahead

Achive balance

Stabilize the production process with continuously balanced wet end chemistry.

Reduce breaks

Reduce and prevent production disturbances and breaks.

Improve quality

Reveal process abnormalities and predict end-product quality.

Act faster

Enable fact-based and timely decisions in mill operations.

Optimize cost

Reduce cost through optimized chemistry performance and usage.

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Discover the previously unseen cause-and-effect relationships in your production process and predict and prevent problems before they occur. Learn more about the predictive services for paper industry and contact us today.


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Real-time monitoring and control

Kemira KemConnect™ solutions for smart chemistry monitoring, measuring, and control give you a full 24/7 visibility to your chemistry applications. Real-time visibility and up-to-date insight into your process enables optimized performance control, faster trouble-shooting and proactive corrective measures, smarter chemical management, and improved cost-efficiency and quality.

The KemConnect™ dashboard displays precise and accurate data about your key chemistry parameters. In the highly configurable dashboard views, it gives a clear view of disturbances, trends, operational efficiency, and other important information and enables automated alarms. Constant reporting and analysis on your process helps identify opportunities for continuous improvement.

Water treatment

Kemira KemConnect™ Water Treatment solutions provide process monitoring, optimization, and control for all water treatment applications at your pulp and paper mill. Real-time visibility to the status of your water treatment processes enables stable operation performance and quality even in varying conditions. With carefully selected measurement and dosing points and smart automated chemical dosing, you can achieve optimized and cost-efficient chemical usage. 

  • Odor and corrosion control
  • Raw water treatment
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Process water treatment
  • Sludge dewatering

Deposit control

Kemira KemConnect™ solutions for deposit control provide important insight into the complex wet end phenomena that impact runnability and end-product quality at your paper and board machine. Real-time monitoring of harmful hydrophopic and colloidal particles in your process enable advanced troubleshooting and better decisions and help optimize chemical performance.

Microbial control

Kemira KemConnect™ solutions for microbe control help you keep the microbial activity in check at your paper and board machine. Ensure both the high hygiene of your end-product and the productivity of your machine by monitoring the performance of your biocide program in real time. Automated reports and alerts on cleanliness and critical process conditions enable you to take faster corrective measures and avoid quality and runnability issues. With specialized monitoring solutions, you can also reduce the corrosion risk at your machine while effectively controlling microorganisms.

Retention control

Kemira KemConnect™ solutions for retention control improve process control and efficiency and help you optimize retention performance at your paper and board mill. Avoid process disturbances and web breaks and reduce defects in end-product by monitoring and controlling retention consistency in real time. Gain information needed for daily operations optimization and continuous application improvement. 

Chemical stock management

Kemira KemConnect VMI™ monitors and analyzes your chemical stock levels to simplify inventory management and enable quicker delivery response times. You get full transparency to your chemical inventory round the clock. The solution enables smarter chemical management, leading to improved operational and cost efficiency. 

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Interested in real-time process monitoring and performance optimization for your mill? Discover how your production can benefit from smart process management and data-driven chemistry control. Get in touch with us today.


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