Kemira KemConnect™

Smart process management for paper and board

Kemira KemConnectTM gives you full visibility of your chemistry applications, 24/7. Because it constantly gathers data, you get the up-to-date insight needed for better decision making, faster troubleshooting, smarter chemical management, and improved cost efficiency, and it also helps you identify opportunities for improvement.

Real-time access to process information

Be aware and up-to-date.

See all your chemistry usage and performance metrics in real-time. The wider the deployment of Kemira’s solutions throughout your process, the more data you will gain – and as it accumulates over time, the more valuable business insights you’ll get.

Reporting and analysis for continuous improvement

Everything we can measure is something we can improve.

With regular reporting sessions, your dedicated Kemira account manager will analyze your KPIs and recommend ways to continuously improve your chemistry usage, reduce your costs, and maintain or increase your quality.

A dashboard for the data you need

Visibility of all your chemistry parameters.

The KemConnect dashboard is where you monitor and analyze your chemistry performance in detail, in real-time. It displays precise and accurate data about all your chemistry parameters, like raw material levels and usage. It also gives a clear view of alarms, events, devices, trends, and other important information.

Individual dashboard views

The right information for the right people.

The KemConnect dashboard is highly configurable and it lets users define the parameters they need to see and follow. This means that your business people can get greater visibility of financial KPIs and operational efficiency, while your operators and engineers can get clearer insights into your process.

Predictive success

Solve, predict, and avoid problems.

With real-time insight and high quality data we can provide you with better solutions – from faster troubleshooting to predictive and proactive action. And we can see ahead of time what changing one variable might mean for other parts of your process.

Real-time inventory management

Smarter chemical management.

Get current and long-term visibility of your chemical inventory. With full awareness of chemical usage rates, stock levels, and performance metrics, you can identify potential efficiencies. In addition, reordering is automatic so that your operations get the right quantities delivered reliably.

Active alerts

Automated disturbance alarms and reports.

If something goes wrong in your process – or is going to go wrong – our first-line responders are notified immediately, and can even remedy the situation remotely in many cases. We’ll keep your key personnel up-to-date throughout.

Want to learn more?

Interested in real-time process monitoring and performance optimization in paper and board manufacturing? Discover how your business can benefit from smart process management and data-driven chemistry application. Get in touch with us today.

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