Financial targets

Kemira’s financial targets and outlook for 2020

Financial targets and historical figures

Targets 2016 2017 2018 2019
Above-the market growth EUR 2,363 million

Change 0%

EUR 2,486 million

Change +5%

EUR 2,593 million

Change +4%

EUR 2,659 million

Change +3%

Operative EBITDA
12.8% 12.5% 12.5% 15.4%
Gearing below 75% 54% 59% 62% 66%

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Outlook for 2020

On April 27, 2020 Kemira withdrew its outlook for 2020 and does not provide a new outlook until further notice due to the uncertainty related to the COVID-19 pandemic and the oil price drop.

The impact on Kemira’s operations has so far been limited. However, at this point it is difficult to estimate reliably what is the overall impact on Kemira as the economic impacts and the length of the COVID-19 pandemic and the oil price drop remain uncertain.

Previous outlook: Kemira expects its operative EBITDA to increase from the prior year (2019: EUR 410 million).

EUR million 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 outlook
Operative EBITDA 303 311 323 410 “Increase”

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