Behind the buzzwords – Digital transformation in the paper and board industry today

The next industrial revolution, the Industry 4.0, is still at an early phase in the pulp and paper industry. New digital services utilizing big data and cloud computing for predictive analytics and leveraging machine learning and AI are starting to change the ways companies operate across the value chain. Slowly but surely, we begin to see the value potential. In this webinar discussion, we are taking a look beyond the buzzwords. What is currently happening with the digital transformation in the paper and board industry?
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Antti Pirneskoski.

Antti Pirneskoski

Director, Services Business Line
Ari Kiviranta.

Ari Kiviranta

Senior Vice President of Development
Metsä Board
Riikka Tietäväinen-Arola.

Riikka Tietäväinen-Arola

Webinar host, Strategic Marketing Manager

We sat down with one of our customers to share insights into the topic.

Metsä Board is the leading European manufacturer of premium fresh fiber paperboards and is exploring the possibilities of new digital technologies at their mills with many ongoing projects.

In this webinar discussion, you’ll hear about their experiences with digitalization. We will also share our experiences on the development of an AI-driven predictive service for chemistry applications. What is the value of new digital services in the value chain? What are the opportunities and challenges of the digital transformation in the paper and board industry? Tune in to hear the discussion.

Watch the 45-minute on-demand webinar discussion on the digital transformation in the paper and board industry to hear

  • where are the current focus areas for digital services development at the mills
  • who are the key players in the digital ecosystem in the paper and board industry
  • where is the value and ROI of digital services created
  • how well is data utilized today and what are the biggest data challenges
  • what new capabilities are required from the workforce to succeed in the industry transformation