Wastewater disinfection – the smart way

Water scarcity and reuse, strict regulation as well as constant pressure to cut costs and find environmentally friendly solutions, are some of the key drivers impacting wastewater disinfection. This webinar session discusses new emerging methods with low capital investment and energy needs, combining chemistry expertise with smart technologies.
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Wastewater can be disinfected and reused using a variety of methods, some chemical, such as with chlorine, and some physical, such as irradiation with ultraviolet (UV) light. Both these approaches have their drawbacks, however. By-products from chlorine-based disinfection can be discharged with the effluent and impact ecosystems and downstream drinking water quality, while UV irradiation involves an expensive equipment setup and consumes a significant amount of energy.

When environment-friendly, chemical disinfection is a solution for the future. KemConnect DEX is a chlorine-free, automated disinfection system that can be used to treat all kinds of water, from raw water and industrial and municipal wastewater, to storm water overflows. The secret ingredient is performic acid, PFA for short.

Register for our on-demand webinar to find out about how to ensure wastewater disinfection efficiency, regulatory compliance and environmental protection with an award-winning solution. We will also present a case study from Biarritz, France.

Co-hosting the webinar with our water treatment expert Ms. Patricia Aubeuf-Prieur are the esteemed Ms. Agnès Chabault, Director of Sustainable Development at the city of Biarritz, and Professor Thierry Pigot from the University of Pau and Pays de l’Adour.


Patricia Aubeuf-Prieur

Patricia Aubeuf-Prieur

Senior Manager, Renewable Chemistry at Kemira with 20+ years of industry experience
Agnes Chabault.

Agnès Chabault

Director, Sustainable Development, City of Biarritz
Thierry Pigot.

Thierry Pigot

Professor, Energy & Environment, University of Pau and Pays de l’Adour
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