Paper coloration and paper tinting solutions for all grades

Paper colorants

We provide paper, board, and tissue manufacturers with a full portfolio of quality paper colorants to produce a wide range of shades. From the selection of direct dyes, basic dyes, and pigment dispersions, you can find the specific solution for your paper coloration and paper tinting needs. The wide range of products enable us to offer an optimized solution to meet both your targets for efficiency and cost-effectiveness and your customers’ demand for desired quality in the finished product.

Liquid and powder direct dyes – Levacell™ / Pontamine™

Our Levacell / Pontamine (tradename in the United States) direct dyes are ideally suited to dyeing nearly all types of paper, board, and tissue. They provide excellent affinity for all types of cellulose fibers and to bleached and unbleached pulps, and due to their all-around properties, can be used to produce a wide range of shades.

  • cationic and anionic direct dyestuffs
  • available both in liquid and powder form
  • added to wet end, size press or coating
  • exceptionally good cost/benefit ratio

Basic dyes for internal and surface coloration – Astra™ / Verona™

Astra / Verona (tradename in the United States) basic dyestuffs can be used both for internal coloration and surface coloration. They have high brilliance and good affinity to lignin-containing pulp, and can thus provide excellent price/strength ratio for paper and board manufacturers.
Some of the products can be used in selected wood-free bleached pulps, applied either internally or in the size press. This provides brilliant and in some cases, fluorescent shades.

Astra / Verona dyestuff are well suited for

  • mechanical wood pulp
  • recycled fiber
  • semi-bleached thermo meachinal pulp TMP
  • chemical thermo mechanical pulp CTMP
  • unbleached pulp

Organic pigment dispersions – Halopont™ and Ponolith™

Kemira provides organic pigment dispersions for tinting various paper grades either by wet-end application or as coating color. Our products provide high brightness and high tinting strength.

  • Halopont organic pigment dispersions are known to give brilliant colors. The products are best suited for shading white papers which do not require particularly good lightfastness.
  • Ponolith organic dispersion pigments are typically non-ionic products and used for stock dyeing and coating and shading. These paper dyes are available in a wide range of colors. We also have specially formulated low-foaming pigment dispersions for dyeing that requires high lightfastness.

Security paper colorants – Bayhalt™ and Chlorostain™

Bayhalt and Chlorostain colorants meet the specific needs of security printing. The security paper dyes are used to create security marks and features on paper. Once applied, the paper dyes are not visible. When certain solvents or reagents are used to alter the converted paper, a noticeable and immediate color reaction takes place.

Colorant fixatives – Levogen™

Levogen products are cationic polymers that are used for improving the fixation of anionic dyestuffs and pigments.

They improve the appearance, e.g. intensity and uniformity, of papers dyed with basic dyestuff. Levogen products also help to improve bleedfastness and can be used as an auxiliary for controlling the two-sidedness of dyed paper.


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